All children are natural photography action stars, whether running, jumping, running, hopping, sliding, skipping or having an umbrella dueling match. Kids are constantly on the move and I love to secretly capture their energy.

As a photographer, you cannot wait for a child to pose. It is best to take aim, control your center point, and keep shooting. Only after you stop shooting will you see which photos have given you the best qualities.

As you will see in this sequence of shots, the pair of dueling umbrella kids transforms and eventually is joined by another child making a unique power of three combination.

Spanish children are allowed a lot of freedom to move about in their communities without fear. While waiting for my café con leche, my attention was drawn to a group of children having fun with their umbrellas. They didn't really need these umbrellas any longer, as the rain had stopped, but that didn't mean that the umbrellas had to go away, if they could become play time objects. Maybe they could become swords in an imaginary duel was my conclusion but anything is possible in the adventurous minds of children.

Because it was a cloudy day, I decided to open my aperture up a tiny bit to let in some more light, but I couldn't open it too much or my image could become shaky and blurry as I was some distance away.

The wetness of the pavement gave the images a reflective tone and shine on the once sun bleached pavement tiles. 

There is a wonderful contrast between the old village architecture and the young children, which builds a narrative and desire to explore youthful energy in this ancient town.

As my camera shutter is in continually action, so are the children. They are coming together, then separating, always stretching up towards the heavens. 

Because, I was sitting down to take these photos, my focal center point is more aligned with that of the children. This allows the viewer a chance to look up into the umbrella with the kids and see what all the fuss is about. This vantage point is better than being up too high, as standing over the kids would miss their directional, determined wee faces. :) 

As you can see, these photos have not been cropped or adjusted because taking a good photo by commanding your camera and knowing your principles of photography, is all you should need. 

Karla Darocas, Hons.B.A. * Darocas Educational Studio * Benitachell, # 648 156 066