MORAIRA PHOTO WALK is designed to take you to all of the great locations in Moraira that are just right to maximize your photographic opportunities with minimal effort.

Monday, 28th, 10:30
Fee: 10 euros pp
1-2 Hours Walk depending on number of participants
NOTE: wear good walking shoes, bring bottle water, hat if super sunny!
START in the BEACH PARKING LOT * Playa de l'Ampolla, Calle Aitana, 12, 03724 Teulada, Alicante

You will explore the places that have the best lighting, composition, harmony, and so forth and be guided with casual instruction along the way.

Happy Snappers and Professional Photographers will be able to maximize their albums and portfolios while learning about a new location.

"Karla had a friendly relaxed style of teaching as we wandered around the village. The focus of the information was less technical than I had expected, concentrating on the beauty elements of the shot. I was amazed at how much my photos improved throughout the morning by employing the principles that Karla taught us. Karla has a keen interest and background in Spanish art and this knowledge shines through in her approach to photography. I recommend her walks not only in order to learn more about the art of taking photographs, but also as a pleasant way to pass the time."
* Anita from Moraira

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