Show Stopper Lacey Boho Topper


⭐ The Show Stopper Lacey Boho Topper is a mesmerizing blend of bohemian flair and timeless elegance

⭐ Crafted from natural, unbleached organic cotton, boasting a striking band of bohemian-inspired colours that infuse it with an irresistible charm

⭐ Designed to make a statement wherever you go, standing tall and proud

⭐ Versatile brim can be styled to stand up boldly or rolled for a more relaxed vibe, ensuring you can tailor your look to suit any occasion

⭐ Practical companion for windy days, keeping your hair under wraps and adding a touch of flair to your ensemble

⭐ Whether at casual gatherings or lively parties, this topper is sure to turn heads and spark conversation

  • 10 cm H
  • 27 cm W
  • 6 cm BRIM
PRICE * € 45

  • All Items are made from 100% Andalusian cotton yarn - fibres coming from Seville. 
  • This cotton is toxic-free, so it is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Eco-friendly measures include: reduced water and sustainable farming
  • Washable at up to 30ºC.
  • Iron at up to 110ºC. 
  • All designs are 100% original. 
  • Each item is one-of-a-kind. 
  • Each item is hand crochet and and stitched with the highest level of love 💕 

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