Ellie the Elephant

AVAILABLE - Get ready to fall in love with Ellie the elephant - she may be big, but she's bursting with personality and just wants to be your new best friend! Whether you need a trusty wooden spoon caddy in the kitchen or a beautiful vase to display your latest floral arrangements, Ellie is always ready to lend a helping trunk. 

But that's not all - Ellie is a true beauty, finished with a stunning light grey, glossy glaze that captures the colours of her surroundings and adds a touch of elegance to any space. And let's not forget about her gift-giving potential - if you know an elephant lover in need of a new friend, Ellie would make the perfect present. So what are you waiting for? Bring Ellie into your home today and get ready to be smitten! 

Ron the Rockin Rooster

SOLD * Ron The Rockin Rooster is waiting to command your kitchen table with his colorful personality all you need to do is add flowers. 

Helen the Happy Hen

This girl wants to spend her days with you in the centre of your table, and festival events, displaying your favourite flowers of any season because she's Helen the Happy Hen 😊

SOLD in One Minute but wanted to share

Fannie the Flamingo Vase

SOLD * This happy, festive Fannie the Flamingo vase does more than just hold your long stem flowers, it also acts as a magnificent centerpiece that will spark lots of fun conversations. 

Bubbles .

Owners * Say hello two Bubbles. She is a beautiful, creative, compassionate soul whose only purpose in life is to bring you Joy and happiness. 

However, she can display your long stand flowers, fresh or dried, out of her head. 

4 person Salad Bowl

 Beautiful Salad Bowl with hand painted red poppies inside and textured yellow daisies outside

* 50 euros /Sale 20 euros